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Важно Adding a new group and conditions for moving to it, or why can't I download without restrictions?

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Команда форума
7 Ноя 2020
Британия, Англия
When registering on the forum, you will automatically receive a group: "Members". In this group, you can download materials from only one section: WARCRAFT III: MODDING - Free section

Today a new "Verified" group has been added to our forum and some restrictions have been set for the "Members" group. Users included in the "Participants" group cannot fully download resources from our forum

(They steal and do not even indicate the source!).


In order to get into the "Verified" group, you need to choose a suitable option for yourself:

1. The easiest one is to go to the COMMUNICATE FREELY section and write useful comments. (Reply in the topic, chat). Have at least 10 likes and at least 15 useful messages on our forum, and when you type them, you will be transferred to the "Verified" group (your nickname will change its color to yellow) and you will be able to freely download any files from our forum.

2. The hardest part is to share 5 models in the section: Resources.

You need to share your work or the work of other authors. After checking the models, and if they were with good quality textures, good animations and there were no duplicates, you will receive the "Verified" group and you will be able to download fully models and other resources.

Attention! We do not accept resources from HWS, XGM, CHAOSREALM - no need to copy materials - this does not count. Models that have not passed the test will be sent to the Free section.

Add new resources, help other users, share your knowledge, be active and then it will not be difficult for you to go to the "Verified" group.

Attention! If you received the "Verified" status and will provide the material to those who have not yet received it (at their request through the private messages), then you will immediately be deprived of this status forever.

Users who have the right to download files from our resource manager are prohibited from distributing them anywhere on the Internet, they are intended solely for personal use (if you do not agree with this, then there is no point in trying to go to the "Verified" group).

It may seem to you that all this is difficult and the conditions for transferring to another group are too strict. But in reality it is not so and it only seems to you!

This is a necessary measure and is not discussed. Perhaps in the future we will change our policy, but so far it will be so. Thank you for understanding.

Cheating likes with the help of friends or with the help of multi-accounts is strictly prohibited. Users with multi-accounts will be banned without warning. Stuffing nonsense messages will negatively affect the ability to transfer to another group.
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.

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